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4 Weather Models. One App

SaltWeather (SaltWx) was designed by a saltwater fisherman and boat captain who felt the need for an app that eliminates having to jump between multiple weather forecast providers in order to determine if forecasted sea conditions will be favorable.

SaltWx offers four of the most reliable ocean forecast models in one, convenient location. We provide forecasts from ICON (German Weather Service), GFS (NOAA), WWO (World Weather Global) and EURO (European Weather Centre). This allows the subscriber to compare the forecasts and see if different models agree on the latest foreceast. Forecasts that are similar allow you to truly obtain a view of what conditions will be.

Nothing is more frustrating than preparing for a long-awaited fishing trip or boating venture, only to fall victim to ocean conditions that don't match the forecast. By showing 4 models side by side, we have made it very easy for you to compare model forecasts and determine if they agree enough for you to make a go/no go decision. This is the true value of SaltWx!

Our ocean currents, chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperatures overlays are obtained from Copernicus Marine Data Center, which provides the highest quality marine imagery and data available.

SaltWeather aslo offers, a GPS coordinate coverter, offshore mode and much more all at A FRACTION of the cost of other services.

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Features you need

SaltWx will make your fishing or boating trip better and safer with the ability to compare forecasts from 4 different weather models. In addition, determining distance to the clean water or temp breaks is so important when trying to plan for a trip offshore and we place it all at your fingertips. SaltWx offers these features and a lot more at a 1/3 of the cost of other services.


4-Model Weather Forecast

Weather forecasting with the 4 most reliable weather models (ICON, GFS, WWO, and EURO) that include 7 important forecast parameters like air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave direction and wave period. SaltWeather is the ONLY APP that allows you to compare 4 forecast models side by side, enhancing your decision making.


Ocean Conditions

Stay tuned into the ocean condtions for the area you want to fish. SaltWx provides vital information inlcuding high & low tides, tide height, moon phase, phytoplankton & chloro (CHL) concentrations and sea surface temperature (SST).

SST/ CHL / Currents Overlay

SaltWx offers the latest ocean currents, chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature overlays. Download these layers and take them with you offshore to get right on the numbers. Our layers are obtained multiple times each day straight from Corpernius Marine Services.


Distance Measure

In just one tap, you can calculate the distance from your current location to your destination!

GPS Converter

Does your vessel's MFD utilize different GPS formats than your phone? Use our tool to convert GPS Coordinates simply by entering your latitude and longitude values.


Offshore Mode

Use our Offshore Mode to download chlorophyll-a & SST layers and view them in our app when you are well beyond any mobile signal. SaltWx literally puts you right on the clean water and temp breaks!

Spatial Coverage

Chlorophyll-a, sea surface temperature, ocean floor contours, lighted buoys & wrecks are offered for 7 coastal regions covering the entire United States and parts of Canada and Mexico.

  • Northwest
  • Midpacific
  • Southwest
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Southeast
  • Midatlantic
  • Northeast



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